Electric Motorcycle

Riding fast with eco-friendly bike !


Modern individual mobility

With the development of e-bike and the widespread of charging station, people will soon look for a modern individual vehicle. Motorcycle is the best solution for individual mobility with acceptable performance (range, speed…).

Think Electric

But Motorcycle must be re-think when going electric.

  • Power efficiency: why having a big power pack to waste it with old light ? Use only full LED lightning system and low power electronics.
  • Innovative Control: electric motor are fully digital controlled, let’s make active systems the basis: anti-splip, anti wheely, active brake…
  • Minimize weight increase: batteries are heavy and huge. Use it smartly.

Babe ! It is a f** motorcycle !

Don’t loose the track making sexy wireless connected object with poor riding experience. We don’t design a smartphone on two wheels. It must be fast, quick in corner, ride and feel as a REAL motorcycle !

Design for Safety

Use low voltage system. Stay with safest cells packed in a thermal controlled block (air/fluid) with individual & group fuses.

Design for Planet

Minimize use of rare earth and non recyclable materials. Use recyclable and/or bio-sourced (green) materials.